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Founded in the Fall of 2019, we are invested in providing platforms for professionals and creatives to grow and express themselves without judgment or worry.

Owned & Operated by Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

We are an organization fiercely devoted to providing creative and engaging platforms for small businesses, creatives, and rising talent in the Lowcountry. Through each of our subsidiaries, we are able to create a well-rounded impact on the communities we serve. Our mission is to change the perspectives of creative people when it comes to accomplishing their goals and pursuing anything greater for themselves. For over 7 years in the Lowcountry, we have helped to found dozens of new minority-owned businesses and community organizations, while inspiring the masses through our work.

Our internet radio station is the soapbox of the Charleston community, featuring shows and content from some of the Southeastern Region's most creative and innovative minds looking to share knowledge and empower those that are underserved. Since its founding in the Fall of 2019, Exquisite Radio brings in over 2000 listeners a week around the Southeastern Region and an additional 1000 from around the world. We continue to look for new creatives to collaborate with to create entertaining and thought-provoking conversations for our listeners.

How Can I Listen?

You can always listen to Exquisite Internet Radio on our website at, and click on LISTEN LIVE to hear what's on-air NOW.
Here are some other ways you will soon be able to at:

Alexa Skill - Returning in 2021

We now have an Alexa Skill! Tell Alexa to enable the Exquisite Internet Radio skill, and then ask her to "Play Exquisite Internet Radio!"

Android Mobile App - Returning in 2021

Our mobile app is available on all Android devices in the Google Play store. The app is free and makes it easy to listen to us when on the go!

Apple iOs Mobile App - Returning in 2021

Our mobile app is available on all Apple devices in the App Store. The app is free and makes it easy to listen to us on the go, on any of your apple devices!